Basic Scholars Mate Defensive Blunders

These animations show some basic mistakes that allow your opponent to Checkmate (or get a winning advantage) in just a few moves.


These animations Loop Continuously.

There is a delay between each step in each of the animations.

You could also copy the moves on your own Chess Board and also twist your board around to understand the moves for both the Black and White sides.


1. You just DON’T see it Coming

Sometimes, if you don’t pay attention, you can just lose in 4 moves!


2. Black tries to Win the Scholar’s Mate Race

In a simple Race by both players to Scholar’s Mate first ….. White has an all-important Head-Start!!


3. Attacking the Queen on h5 with the Knight and leaving f7 unguarded

What does that move prevent exactly?? Unfortunately…… NOT Checkmate!!


4. Playing g6 too early and losing a Pawn … then a Rook

Blundering on your 2nd move? …….. Really??