Pre Course on youtube for all class participants

Checklist for playing in our Tournaments

The Draughts Resources Page link is here

Easter 2021 Draughts Course – March 29th — April 09th

There will be a short course in English Draughts (Checkers) and Russian Draughts (also on 8×8 board) during the Easter 2021 break.

The connection details and any other communication related to the Draughts course will be via a Whatsapp group. Get in touch if you want to join the group or you’d like to find out more: northkildarechess@gmail.com

There will be Zoom classes (similar to our Chess class format) on the following dates and times:

Monday 29th March: 7:00pm to 8pm

Thursday 1st April 7:00 to 8pm

Friday 2nd April 7:00 to 8:00pm

Possible session of casual play of English Draughts (Checkers) among the class group online (with a Zoom call to get things organised). The website/service to be decided

Monday 5th April: 7:00pm to 8pm

Thursday 8th April: 7:00pm to 8pm

Friday 9th April 7:00pm to 8:10pm – A Tournament as a Finale

There will be a short Zoom call at 7:00pm to make sure everyone is set to play in the Class Tournament in Russian Draughts on https://lidraughts.org This site is run by the organisation who run https://lichess.org (which you will know from our online Chess playing).

The tournament will run from 7:10pm to 8:10pm

Sign up on lidraughts.org and join this Team: https://lidraughts.org/team/north-kildare-chess-and-draughts

Join the tournament ahead of time here: https://lidraughts.org/tournament/aURby7WC

The details for joining the tournament will be made available in the Whatsapp group for the class.

Do I need to know how to play Draughts already?

No. Complete beginners are welcome!

Should I do any preparation before the course?

Yes. I have created a short Pre Course of Youtube videos to help you learn the basic ideas of Draughts before the course. Watching the videos a few times will definitely help you before the course.

The youtube videos are available here

How will I know how to solve the puzzles used by the lidraughts.org site to join the team or reply to a post?

Watching the youtube videos of the Pre Course will help you solve any puzzles used by lidraughts.org when signing in or posting in the forum. The puzzles used are on a 10×10 International Draughts board, however the basic capture methods you learn in the videos will give you more than enough knowledge to solve the puzzles. If you’re still having trouble with a puzzle, you can click the “View the Solution” link to learn the correct moves (by watching the game from where the puzzle is sourced).