North Kildare Chess Club Code of Conduct

Responsibilities of Junior Members at Chess Club Meetings and Events.

  1. Junior members will be respectful, supportive and polite to:
  • all Club Members,
  • all Coaches/Volunteers
  • all Parents, Guardians and Visitors to the Club.

This includes using only friendly words/actions and being gentle, helpful and supportive at all times.

Bad language, rudeness, threatening and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

2. Junior members will respect, care for and return the equipment provided by the Chess Club and Coaches/Volunteers.

3. Junior members will respect and care for the facilities used by the club. Use of the facilities is kindly provided to the Chess Club and in order for the Club to continue using the facilities, everyone needs to treat the property and everything contained there with care and respect. Nothing should be taken or left somewhere other than where it was located.

Responsibilities of Parents / Guardians at Chess Club Meetings and Events.

  1. Parents and Guardians are welcome to stay at weekly Chess Club meetings (space permitting). They should lead by example and exhibit the responsibilities required of Club Members (above).
  2. Parents and Guardians should ensure the safe arrival and prompt collection (at finishing times) of their Chess Club members before and after Chess Club Meetings and Events. The Chess Club Volunteers should not be left responsible for supervising Chess Club members after the advertised finishing time of Club meetings and Events.

Child Pick-Up Policy

Responsibility for Child Collection: The responsibility for the collection of child members from the meetings and events rests solely with their parents or guardians.

Timely Collection: Parents and guardians are expected to collect their children promptly at the end of each activity or event. This respects the commitments of our volunteers and ensures the safety and well-being of all child members.

Failure to Collect on Time: In the event that a child is not collected on time, our volunteers will attempt to contact the parents or guardians. However, volunteers are not required to remain with the child beyond the end of the activity or event. Please note that consistent failure to collect children in a timely manner may result in a review of the child’s membership with our organization.

Responsibilities of Coaches and Volunteers at Chess Club Meetings and Events.

  1. Coaches and Volunteers will engage in the Garda vetting and Child Safety training as directed by the Chess Club Child Protection Officer in a timely manner and remain current and compliant with all of those responsibilities and checks.

2. Coaches and Volunteers will become familiar with the Chess Club’s Child Protection Policy and endeavour to ensure that all Club Meetings and Events are conducted with a Child Protection focus.

3. Coaches and Volunteers will lead by example and exhibit the responsibilities required of Club Members (above).

4. Coaches and Volunteers will do their utmost to ensure that the Chess Club is a safe, enjoyable and friendly space for everyone associated with the Club.