Playing in our Draughts Tournaments

Getting ready to play — Checklist

-Have a account to which you can login.

For general guidance on setting up a account, the advice given in our guide for using may be useful:

(ESSENTIAL) Join this team:

(This requires the Team Leader to see the “Join” request and click “Accept”, so please don’t leave it to the last few minutes).

The tournament is limited to only members of this Team – therefore joining the team is ESSENTIAL.

Please leave a note of your real name in the Join request.

Once joined, all Team Tournament links are visible by clicking “COMMUNITY” >> “Teams” >> (then click the North Kildare Chess and Draughts Team link) while logged in to

The password for our Draughts Tournaments is provided in the relevant whatsapp group of the club.

You should “join” the tournament in advance ahead of time (it’s basically more like “entering” the tournament when you click on it – as the tournament will only start at the official starting time anyway).