Youtube Chess Resources for Juniors

Useful Youtube Channels for Chess Juniors


Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta

Look for the videos by Ben Finegold. His son Spencer is OK too, but Ben is really an excellent teacher (and quite funny and engaging with some great chess stories and facts).

In particular, look out for Video Titles with:

  • “Under 1000” (or “U1000”)
  • “Basic”
  • “Tactics”
  • “Traps”
  • “Endgames”

All the videos by Ben Finegold on this channel are excellent. It’s really about finding ones that are suited to your level.



Saint Louis Chess Club

There are a lot of great videos on this Channel.

The Saint Louis Chess Club is funded by the Chess-loving billionaire; Rex Sinquefield.

Search using the Channel’s own search tool (on the Far-Right of the page, just above the selection of videos) for Videos Titled:

  • “Basic”
  • “Beginner”
  • “Kids”

Also, if you like what you find, search on this channel for videos by:

  • Varuzhan Akobian
  • Tatev Abrahamyan
  • Ben Finegold
  • Yasser Seirawan
  • Cristian Chirila
  • Alejandro Ramirez
  • Mike Kummer



Agadmator’s Chess Channel

Light Analysis of Interesting and high Quality games. These are usually not too long and have useful learning elements throughout. This channel has become extremely popular.



John Bartholomew

John Bartholomew is an International Master and a Chess Coach.

Look out for Video Titles with

  • “Climbing the Rating Ladder”
  • “Fundamentals”



Los Angeles Chess Club

Watch the many instructive games that feature kids (look out for Kids in the video thumbnail photos and also in the description (e.g. “8 year old” or “6 year old” etc).

These games are particularly useful to watch as they are played by Juniors and have a mixture of excellent moves, average move and  some mistakes as well as the occasional blunder. This is quite a different experience from watching high quality play between two high level players (that can be difficult for us to understand and appreciate).