Checkmate with Two Rooks (Ladder Mate)

These Animations demonstrate how to give Checkmate with 2 Rooks against a lone King.


1. The main Ladder Mate Techniques and Ideas are demonstrated here.

The Basic Ladder-Mate Technique


2. The “Rook-Level” technique is an Alternative to the “Run-Away Rooks” method.

The Rook-Level Ladder Mate technique in action


3. Rook Alignment and Positioning

Correct positioning of Rooks when performing Ladder Mate


4. Ladder Mate with Rooks Operating on Opposite Edges of the Board

Rooks do NOT need to be Side-by-Side to perform a Ladder Mate


5. Ladder Mate in a choice of Four Directions

Ladder Mate can be performed by pushing the King: Up, Down, Right or Left