Club Tournament Results

Last Wednesday’s club tournament was a good practice run for this weekend’s Leinster Chess Union Grand Prix tournament. Darius Rezania was the overall winner on a perfect 5/5,  Cillian Comey was the runner up on 4/5, his only loss against the winner in round two.

Hartik Tadisetti took 3rd place (by computer tie-break) on equal points with Eoin Spence and David O’Rourke.

It was a night for younger siblings with David O’Rourke and Sadhbh Kenny both edging out their older siblings in the final rankings.

The only draw of the night was a close fought battle between James Teirney and Cillian Kane, which ended on a K-K stalemate.

P. Name Score
1 Darius Rezania 5
2 Cillian Comey 4
3 Hartik Tadisetti 3
Eoin Spence 3
David O`Rourke 3
6 Cillian Kane 2.5
7 sadhbh  kenny 2
Kian Rezania 2
Harshaa Tadisetti 2
Niamh Comey 2
James O`Rourke 2
12 James Teirney 1.5
13 Seamus Kenny 1

IMG_3909 (002)

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