Leinster Vs. Berlin

The Leinster Chess Union selected our very own Darius Rezania and  Darragh Comey to play on the North Dublin Team in a tournament against a junior chess  team from Germany (Berlin) this  week.

The LCU  selected 3 representative teams, of 17 players each, being  North Dublin, South Dublin and Leinster, to play  a group of German junior players from various Berlin junior clubs.

Darragh and Darius helped North Dublin  defeat South Dublin and Leinster before drawing with Berlin.

The club offers its congratulations to the players! We are immensely proud that the boys represented our club and our Province against international opposition.

Ranking crosstable

Rk. Team 1 2 3 4  TB1  TB2  TB3
1 Berlin  * 10 12½ 31,0 5 0
2 North Dublin  * 10 28,0 5 0
3 Leinster 7 7  * 8 22,0 0 0
4 South Dublin 9  * 21,0 2 0

Results: http://chess-results.com/tnr275104.aspx?lan=1


Link to Pictures:

Leinster Vs. Berlin//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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