Leinster Junior Grand Prix 1: 2017/2018

The Grand Prix series is starting back on 22nd Of October the first event is being hosted by Inschore chess club in Our lady of good council BNS, Mourne Road, Drimnagh. There will be further GP events in November, Feburary, March and May. Our club will be hosting GP 3.

The Leinster Junior Chess Grand Prix is a series of monthly chess tournaments which offers children the opportunity to play chess in a competitive and relaxed atmosphere. The first Grand Prix will begin in October and is scheduled to finish in May.  Players are rewarded not only for winning, but more importantly for participating! The competition is aimed at those 14 and under and will offer prizes according to age (U15, U12, U10 & U8).

The Grand Prix is designed to encourage children to play regularly and enables children to gain experience playing in a competitive atmosphere, which will help them should they decide to go on and play in regional or national competitions like the Leinster Chess Leagues or the Irish Junior Chess Championships.

All the venues for the Grand Prix will be across Leinster and hosted by a different Leinster Junior Chess Clubs each month.

Full details can be seen by following this link:

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