Kids vs Grownups Team Battle 2020 – Friday 18th December 7:00pm

The Junior members of the North Kildare Chess Club will Battle it out with the Trainer, Parents / Grownups / Organisers associated with the club in a Team Battle on the Club Meetup evening of Friday the 18th December.

There will be a short meetup on Zoom at 7:00pm to make sure everyone is organised and to get in the mood for a fun Team Battle.

Then, at 7:30pm, we’ll swing into battle on lichess @ …. the battle will end at 8:40pm and we will see which team has been victorious!

To join in, you’ll need to be either:

on the Club “Team” in (this will be, in effect, the “Junior” team)

….. or on the Grownups team

If you’d like to find out more, (or be on the invite list for Zoom/Lichess) please get in touch in the days before the Team Battle @

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